Are there firmware versions that are not "beta" or "alpha"

Hey all!

Just got myself 2 lilygo t-beam 1.1 the other day and have had limited success with them.
I believe I ran into a few bugs.

However I figured I should flash the newest firmware to it before I complain too much :slight_smile:

When I go to I select T-beam from the drop down list, and look at the drop down for firmware versions they all say alpha or beta. No “stable” or “current”. Is this right? if so which one should I be using?

-Taco Cat

I think there is indeed no ‘stable’ or ‘current’ flag. Beta is usually the best you can get.


I know at Downloads | Meshtastic the latest Beta is typically the one listed under “Stable”.

Correct, latest beta is latest stable

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