Exciting new TTGO board prototype!

So TTGO just sent me prototypes of a new board. I think it has a high chance of becoming the new ‘best’ board that you can just ‘buy and use’.


  • Tiny - square and thin about half of a credit card.
  • Super low power draw, full on with everything running in normal operation should be only about 25mA (higher only while transmitting). With the GPS sleeping most of the time should be about 16mA.
  • nrf52840 CPU
  • air530gps (seems to lock super fast)
  • NFC
  • two flat antennas, one for lora, one for GPS
  • charging circuitry for a flat lipo
  • 1.54" eink screen 200x200 pixel (so great sunlight visibility, and always ‘on’ for zero current draw). Though slow update rate (seconds) - so we’ll need to do some UX work to make the UI work nicely on it. But approximately I’m thinking: normally shows the nearest nodes (with little ‘north up’ arrows), if a text message comes in the screen defaults to show that text for one hour. If you press the button it will cycle to the next screen.
  • sx1262 radio - so probably great range
  • a few GPIOs brought out on the back for hobbyists
  • two buttons
  • one capacitive touch sensor
  • one tri-color LED
  • external flash on the board for extra storage
  • RTC
  • No soldering required to install the screen :wink:

So far I’ve got the screen, bluetooth and the lora radio working. I still need to get the tri-color LED, GPS and buttons working. Hopefully that will be done by monday. @mc-hamster I’ll drop off one for you mon or tue?

TTGO asked us if we have ideas on what they should call it? Feel free to reply to this thread with your opinion.

I know the next question you’ll have is when can you buy it and how much will it cost. I have no idea on either of these answers but I bet soon and maybe a little more than a tbeam? no idea.

New branch here. I’ve temporarily called this board ‘eink’:


Monday or Tuesday works.

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That does look good. I too was looking at E-ink screens, but kept reading of slow refresh rates. I dont think a slow refresh is a big deal, especially if we are sleeping for 30 seconds and waking up to grab a message. It would be sweet if we could find a supplier for a case that resembles the SpotX Messenger for this board for a complete stand alone device. If it is powered externally you would still have the ability to pair it with your Phone/Tablet for more Real-Time data & maps.


This t-square thing looks really promising… :drooling_face:

Ok. Gps, LEDs and buttons now work. Basically good to go.

The screen ux now needs to be optimized for the new bigger, zero power but slow screen.

Also I want to improve power management (this will cut power usage a lot on the NRF52 boards and a little on the esp32).


Since the eink will be a noticable difference, how about “Tink”?

They have many eink boards…

Just courious. What is on the other 6 pin flatflex connector? And wondering, why it got such strange shape as it should fit into a special box like the old t-watch…

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What is the third antenna connector for, Bluetooth?

I think so. But haven’t checked.

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I think that 6pin is for alternative screens.

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Excellent. I’ve been meaning to design a few more cases using an aluminum enclosure with 3D printed lids and externally mounted antennas but I dont want the case to impede the Bluetooth signal.


I would suggest SquareMesh v 1.0


I don’t see a battery… does it come with any support for battery management similar to the tbeams?

It does though they used a different chip. You can use small flat lipos. See my last photo

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Obvious really. :grinning:

How cool is that. Our prayers have been heard!

@geeksville what are the dimensions… it looks like 2 inch square by 1 inch deep once you include a flat battery…

And is this the “exciting new board” that you talked about?

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The name… I think in the end they take something like TTGO T-nRF52 or T-52. You need a name others can remember and talk about. “Yeah, look for TTGO and something like 52”. The nRF 52 will be in the name somewhere, im sure .-).

TTGO Lora T-52

Oh wait… let’s call it the T-Block nRF 52:


And while we’re at it: support for a little keyboard would be nice

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We should call it the TTGO Geek in honor of someone


You are totally right. I vote for T-Geek (52?) ,too!

Proud citizens of Geeksville, unite! :grin: