Off the shelf TTGO w/ Case

A product that I have not yet seen mentioned here has popped up in a search on banggood:

2x LILYGO TTGO ESP32 Lora modules with a case for $60. No GPS but it supports an optional Lithium Poly Battery.

A comment says that the case is 3d printed. Other than the device being made by @Syed, this looks to be an easy turn key option if you don’t need water or dust resistance.

I don’t have nor endorse this product but I’d bet that this is the tlora-v1 that we already have binaries for. Anyone here have one?

This seems like a great deal! No way I’ll be able to sell a radio for $30!

Zooming into the case, it looks a bit warped. The build quality here is mediocre at best.

For my use case, at minimum I need protection from dust and would benefit from resistance to light rain. I think that’s where your device can stand out.