TTGO is now selling TBEAMs with Meshtastic preinstalled

Hi ya’ll,

So TTGO is now selling a special SKU of the TBEAMs where they have Meshtastic preinstalled. It looks like it is a couple of dollars more than the ‘bare’ units, but a great option for buying a device that ‘just works’ (you will still need to solder on the screen though).


Related note: (after I get back to programming … tomorrow) I’ll release a new build of the android app with BLE based software update of devices turned on. Also lots of good fixes from other devs (full list coming then).


All this wonderful news! Enjoy your holiday Kevin!

Are they kicking back a percentage to the project? I certainly hope so.

They say they will pay a small percentage of each unit sold. But my Geeksville LLC hasn’t had a checking account in a while, so if they send a check at some point I’ll do a post and stick it in a drawer until some sort of fair way of sharing with the contributors. :wink:

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Link the Github to Open Collective and let them deal with the accounting junk? Use the funds to send a dozen pre-built TTGO nodes to other community projects? Probably off-topic. I dunno. I don’t have a dog in the fight.


oh wow - that looks awesome. I’ll read up. But placeholder made:


I’ve just ordered a few of the 915Mhz version with Meshtastic pre-installed. They might take a while to arrive but once they do I’ll report back on the experience of ordering this model.


Just an update. It took LilyGo only about 48 hours to ship the T Beam boards.


Just an update. An order placed on 29 June has been reported as “departed country of origin (China)” since 2 July.

I really wish they offered DHL shipping or there was a more local source.

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It may take a while. I’m still waiting on a LilyGo order from April 30, which showed departed country of origin May 6. It arrived in the USA July 3, so should be here any day. Two T-Beams from the Development board factory Store, ordered April 26 arrived at my home June 26.

The virus is still slowing things, apparently. I hope your’s travels faster. Good luck!

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All I can say is that there is a US company working earnestly on devices that I suspect will be pretty awesome.


Great to hear. I can imagine this product would be in demand at present. I would happily buy boards at a premium that were available in a short time period.

Time is more a driver than cost right now for me.

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Hi geeksville, i just ordered 2 of these but i email them asking which version of meshtastic was installed but they didn’t respond. Do you know which version of meshtastic was installed?

I’m a newbie so sorry if i’m asking a stupid question. Thank you so much for creating this project its really cool and i hope i can learn and add to this amazing project =)

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Alas. I don’t know. They asked me and I recommend using the latest non-alpha release or 1.0 (once 1.0 is out :laughing:).

But in any case it shouldn’t matter because the app can update the firmware over Bluetooth.

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Thank you much appreciated =)

Welcome @RainbowDice. Just an update on my AliExpress order from 28 June, there has been no update since 2 July when it was transferred from China. It is traveling to Australia via Singapore. There is no real update once it leaves China. Fingers crossed it will get here soon.

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Thank you, mine says its shipped so i’m not very sure where it is now too.

No guarantees but precovid it was about 2wks for shipping. Postcovid it has been 3-8 wks for me

I ordered a bunch of t-beams from LilyGo around end of May. They arrived on 19 July. Took one month to get to Singapore and another to get to Sydney. You’ll be able to track it through Singapore. It just takes a long time to get there :(.

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Are you based in Singapore? I am currently based in Singapore and ordered some T-beam too. Still awaiting for it to arrive. been about 2 weeks.