Diy ESP32 board on cheap

Hi, I have 2 esp32 left in the spare parts bin and I’m want to turn in to meshtastic node.

  • What firmware I can use?
  • Can I use the same gpio of other board?


You can define a new board by checking out the source and making a custom build. There’s a config file with all the board gpio defined.


Where i can set the hw_versione in platformio?

I can’t figure out

See here, for different OS just search the same thread.

I finally received 2 ebyte E22 lora module.
I have tried to use whit 2 esp32 board, i have use the lora32 v1 target and pin out to do the connection and the compile of the firmware.

But I can’t see the board connection with the other one, I have already set the same channel on all the radio but this doesn’t connect.

I think it’s a problem whit the sx1262 connection or pin definition.

How I can do it write?

Have you shared the channel from device1 to device2 as described in the user guide?

It’s already configured, my problem are hardware and in compiling.

I think it’s an issue whit the sx1262 definition.

I don’t have any android phone to try the app, all the setting are done via Api or web ui.

Yes the LoRa32 uses the SX1276 LoRa module which has a different config to the SX1262. Ideally you will need to build the firmware yourself, defining the correct pins and also the SX1262 module. Try the guide to first get the standard firmware to compile, then go about making some changes. Meshtastic-device/ at master · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device · GitHub

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Done i add the sx1268 definition to a lora32 v1, I have copied from the t-beam whit the sx1268.
Now i can send and receive.


@mc-hamster I need some help to make a custom board for my “board”.
I manage to add a custom “env” but without luck.

Can you give me some info do the custom board on platformio?