TTGO LORA32 -v2.1-1.6 help

繼續 LilyGO TTGO T3 LoRa32 868MHz V2.1.6 ESP32 的討論:

I bought two TTGOO-LORA 32 screen prints T3_V1.6 20180606

I saw the video tutorial saying to upload the firmware, so I uploaded ttgo-lora32-v2-us-0.7.11.bin

But now the screen doesn’t show anything. The green light next to the switch also went out.

I’m a beginner. Thanks for your advice

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Hi and welcome to community.
If you’re wanting to load the meshtastic firmware, you’ll need to flash the device with the tlora-v2-1-1.6 file of whatever version of meshtastic you’re choosing to flash.

The V2-1-1.6 board (label T3_V1.6 frequently) is a bit different than the previous V2 version of the board, which I believe has different pin mappings. That’s most likely why you’re seeing those issues.


Thebentern Hi! Thank you for your reply.

How do I flash the device?

Could you please give me some more guidance?

Is there a video tutorial?

Step 7

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Error uploading firmware!

So what do you do?

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Can you check that you have the device driver installed? Right click on the start button and select Device Manager, then look at the ports section, you should see something like this.


If it doesn’t say Silicon Labs CP210x… then you need to install that device driver by visiting



Great contributor

Hello, I install Silicon Labs CP210xUSB on my PC

The error cannot be resolved!

Can you try running ESPFlasher as admin? I’m not sure why it’s giving you a permission error. Are there any other devices attached to serial ports?

You’re still choosing the wrong file. Choose…
Firmware -tlora-v2-1-1.6-1.2.16.bin

Not sure if this will affect your permission issue but try and see what happens.

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Just bought two single boards and don’t know how to write firmware? Scrub that firmware?

You should not need to “scrub” the current firmware, just follow the first time install directions.

Now firmware-ttgoo-lora32-v2-us-0.7.11.bin does not boot, what do I do?

How should I use the new one? Request help, thank you

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Download from here

Unzip and use the file


Download the latest ESPHome Flasher for your operating system

Releases · esphome/esphome-flasher · GitHub

Connect your radio to your PC via USB and then open ESPHome Flasher. Choose the com port. It should automatically be in the drop down

Click Browse and select the firmware for your board from the package we just downloaded.


Click Flash ESP and wait until it’s finishing flashing the board.

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