Anyone in Halifax, UK using Meshtastic?

Recently starting using Meshtastic on a Heltec v3 but disappointed to find no activity in my area (Halifax, UK).

Initially used the bundled antenna, which discovered from various sources it’s not the best for range, so upgraded the antenna to a larger 868mhz whip antenna but still getting no actively.

Any tips from anyone would be appreciated, better still if there is anyone in the Halifax area willing to get in touch that would be even better.

Thanks in advance.

I am right on top of a nearby hill at Nettleton Hill. Improving my antenna and mounting externally over the next few days hopefully (weather permitting!) and I might be accessible to you depending on where exactly you are. You’ll spot me as BY00 - BY-Nettleton Hill.

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That’s great, I’ll keep an eye out for you. I’ll be apt Thanks for replying.

You popped up today but not sure when and it looks like a poor signal.

At least I know it’s working :grin:

Getting some decent actively now. Think that’s thanks to BYOO :+1:

What antenna did you upgrade to @beezly ?