Meshtastic in Southampton UK

Hi is anyone on meshtastic in or around the southampton, hoping to be up and running soon on the west of southampton. Malcolm G0WFQ

Hi Malcolm, I’m in Boorley Green.

More details on


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I’m hoping to put up an external antenna in the next few days. I’m thinking of making a Slim Jim for 868Mhz.


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Hi Malcolm
My node is on the air
Located in Hythe
It is on 869.525 MHz

Hi Karl my one is now on all the time only on a small antenna at the moment ,i will put details on the map as well.

Ho ian mine is only on small antenna at the moment but i am working on an improvement. 73 Malcolm G0WFQ

Hi Ian - I am (M3VIA) just down the road in Fair Oak - 433, id: dd78. I’ve found node maps to be empty - that surely can’t be. I’m sure there’s lots of us in stealth mode waiting for a reply/ping. Up for any tests if you are some time - reds. Nigel.

should have read ‘regards’

There are at least two other Meshtastic users in Botley. I can see them on my network. I’ve spoken to one I them…Always happy to do some tests.


Thanks Ian. What map resource are you using? My Mesh map shows just a solitary node in Bitterne. I’ll give you a shout after 3d printing a case and connected to external ant.

Hi all, fancy seeing some familiar faces here eh! I’ve been learning the ropes thanks to Marcus and am up and running in London now on 433MHz ham mode.

Just a note to say I suspect we’ll be putting an 868 node up on a very tall building (no, not THAT building haha) in Southampton in the near future :wink:

All the best,

I’ve designed 3D cases for my T-beam and Heltec 3. I’ve registered with several Mesh maps. The first day I ran the T-beam I could see others all over the World. I can only assume someone was routing them via MQQT. I’ll see if I can see your position on any maps.


I’m hoping to put up an external 868mhz Antenna soon. I’m building a 868mhz Slim Jim. Getting the feed point right is proving difficult.


Familiar faces indeed !

I have a mobile node and a static node (on the map)

Made a few mobile tests in the local area. Managed to get a few ack messages near Hedge End.