Quick Overview of Meshtastic in a 4 Node Network


Thank you for the informative walk throughs! I look forward to seeing you troubleshoot or confirm an observation in the future.

The video was clear and sharp, the audio was also easily heard, and a minimum of room / environment noise.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll get some more videos done in the next few days.


These are important for new users, or those curious about Meshtastic! I already ordered some units, and am waiting their arrival.

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I hope to have the instruction video up on Wednesday. In the mean time, here’s a field test:


Nice video.
I’m down near Maidstone and we’ve seen distances of 13km on the standard aerial, but that’s helped a fair bit by one of us being on top of the North Downs!

My Dad is in Lenham, thinking of adding node there. When I get the antenna outside the house or at the GB3JV TV Repeater site I expect to serve Bromley quite well, likely I’ll put something up at Knockholt or Biggin Hill too.