Android app - new releases!

Thanks! Android not auto updating for some reason, I went to play store and updated manually.

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0.5.7 a quick release to handle some more buggy BLE implementations (mostly Samsung). It is up on the play store, I don’t think I’ll bother building an APK for this tweak

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Thanks Kevin! For now, also sticking to 0.5.4 manual download & upgrade, as it’s the last release, and Playstore doesn’t get on to the download stage.

oh interesting! can you elaborate a bit. Is 0.5.7 not showing for you in the play store? Or does the download fail? Is your phone rooted or running a regular android release? (I’m just trying to debug why the play-store download might have problems)

I’ll go ahead and post a 0.5.8 apk in the github right now.

0.5.9 up on google play now. Fixes this mornings minor autobugs (none that I think were actually user visible - but slight breakage on a OnePlus5T phone and one other phone - I forget). Generally app seems pretty solid now.

Hi, I’m the developer of FreeTakServer a Open Source server connecting ATAK clients (see
we plan to run a micro version of our server on the phone, as an “adapter” to connect ATAK to different devices.
All I would need is the ability to query the device, ideally using python.
How can I do it?

I’m not 100 sure if covid-related internet congestion is the cause for playstore issues, but I can confirm that last week it happened several times that i couldn’t install or update any apps on playstore at all, not even after emptying all app caches concerned in my phone. It’s still running the same regular 7 android release (I gave up on my Android 5.1 tablet for now, probably outdated and we concentrate on new things)
This wekend, I was still running 0.5.4 release downloaded manually from github but then wanted to upgrade to 0.5.7. But since, i don’t get any upgrade button anymore and the download blocks as soon as the ‘wheel’ is turning around the Meshtastic icon on the download screen.
Retrying right now, with 0.5.4 installed (confirmed in App info), then cleared my cache, cleared data, cleared Playstore’s cache, rebooted phone, but I still don’t get the upgrade button (because I installed manually again?). I can see, however, under ‘Beta’ that it’s installed with as only options to ‘open’ or to ‘remove’ Meshtastic and that 0.5.9 shows up in ‘what’s new’ (and this weekend 0.5.7 showed up okay in what’s new)
Next, trying to remove all settings from playstore + clearing playstore’s cache + data in Android app settings… Result: no more ‘Beta’ on the right of ‘updates’ (empty list), ‘installed’ (empty list) and 'library (all my recent apps including Meshtastic for which I get an option to ‘install’). So I chose ‘install’:… Meshtastic starts downloading !!
Playstore says: “removing your account from the beta test program. You may want to uninstall the beta test version and install the public version”
The download takes some time (I notice that the app is only just over 14kB instead of the manual downloads that were over 22 kB) but after a while I see it pop up as the only app in my installed apps in the playstore list.
*Ooh Wow! after checking Meshtastic version in my Android settings, it confirms a 35.56 MB version 0.5.9…
Back in Playstore, I get all my apps lists back and even the ‘Beta’ list !!
I’ll follow up this behaviour in future version installs of Meshtastic since for now the pb seems to be solved just by removing all caches and data for both Meshtastic and Playstore.
Maybe this can help others too.

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0.6.0 released. Just to fix an autobug. No need to upgrade unless you have a “Droid Turbo” (whatever that is :joy: )

wow! upgraded to 0.6.0 an hour ago and had a chance to play around with 2 tbeams. Perfect brew! Crashed once while swaping phone connection over from one tbeam to the other one but I guess it was my phone’s bluetooth messing up. Hope you got the crash report, Kevin.

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hmm - bummer about the crash though. What is your phone model? (so I can look for it)

My phone is blackview 8000 pro running Android 7.1 but I’m very happy it’s all running fine now.getting the 2nd ttgo v2.2 hooked up went flawlessly.

thanks! got it. I’ll look into it in a few days:

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0.6.2 released! (only on play store, I’ll release an APK with some other changes also later this week)

  • New Chinese translations by @Mango-sauce.
  • Support the new improved lat/long packets from the devices (also will still work with old devices)
  • Don’t show “looking for node” animation once we’ve shown one node, it scares people.
  • Fix some google accessibility warnings for vision impaired users.
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I don’t see 0.6.2 on play store, only 0.6.0. No update.

The Google automated approval process is going much slower last night. Still “in queue”. They should have it out today.

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I had it after going to android > confiuration > apps > meshtastic > clear data & clear chache.
If, afterwards, you still don’t see the update, you can try clearing the google app store data in a similar way. It did the trick for me !

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eriktheV-king, it’s ok. Play market very slow in “approving”.

yah - they have a special warning right now in the developer console. Because of covid they are short staffed. Usually it only take a couple of hours for an android app to get approved and out, now it can be up to a dayish it seems.

0.6.3 released just now. Fixes a couple of rare autobugs. I posted to google play alpha test group, will post to beta test group tomorrow morning.

It has been a while since I pushed out a bare APK build also, so here’s one for the folks that can’t use google play:


0.6.5 released on google play (also on github):

A minor release (mostly to support the major changes made in the device code I’m about to release). This should work with old or new versions of the device code.

  • Thanks @Konradrundfunk for the German translation tweaks
  • Fix for a rare problem which could occur on Samsung phones (see git commits for details)
  • Set the want_ack flag for sent text messages (so the new reliable sending will be used)