Android app 1.2.31 up for alpha testers

Hi ya’ll,

Play store updated. If someone could report back saying that they were able to install and run it and it seemed to work okay (including updating the attached device to 1.2.30 firmware) that would be great.

The github repo includes a prebuilt APK for those that can’t access google play.

This is a minor update to include two features:

  • The latest device alpha 1.2.30 which seems to be working quite nicely
  • Fix color themes so both the dark and light theme look much nicer and use @thepoweroftwo recommended color guidelines


Thanks as always geeksville :1st_place_medal:


hmmmmmm, seems to be trying to update to 1.2.28 still and button just blinks when i click the to start the update.

Testing on a Heltec Lora32 V2 going from firmware 1.2.11 to 1.2.30.

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Ooh thanks. I’ll rebuild and put up a new version. Forgot that the bins come from a new place now.

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Also a minor thing, the update and report bug buttons are almost unreadable in dark mode. I had to quickly press the update button then screenshot to get the first screenshot i posted.The buttons are almost invisible in the second and third screenshots. But again super minor.

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Thanks to @b8b8 quick feedback 1.2.31 is now up to address the problems they found :wink:


Green colors are much more better :+1:


I just filed a bug from the app. I don’t have a radio with me but I wanted to check out the app. Opening it, I get promoted to let it enable bluetooth. I said no… Switching to any tab crashes the app. I tried several iterations of this choosing a new tab each time. Not until I enabled Bluetooth did it stop crashing but it did crash one more time immediately after enabling Bluetooth. Maybe it helps solve the tab switching crash issues others have had. Pixel 3a xl latest build, not preview release. I miss the pink.

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thanks! It hasn’t shown up yet in the bug console yet. The google thing only checks and uploads every couple of days, to force it to upload now would you mind:

  • “force quitting” the app in android settings
  • then relaunch the app. When the app relaunches (in the background) it will then squirt up your previous report bug reports)

Force stopped, now squirting. I reproduced it again moments ago and it seems more reliable to occur if instead of denying or allowing Bluetooth to enable, ignore it and tap the tab in Meshtastic.

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Ooh that’s a good factoid. I’ll try that to repro. Also I’ll look for your report tonight.