"Your name" string is not localized properly

Hi, is it a feature or a bug that Android app uses the language of the device’s location?
How can I change language of the app?

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I’m not on android, so I can’t speak to how to change it, but the request for translations is here:

You may be able to find some details on that. If you’ve already solved it, update us here so others can find it!

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The app uses whatever language the user has set as their preferred language in Android settings (unless we don’t have that translation, then we use English).

What language did you want?

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The app uses the language which is chosen (English in this case) but on the last tab for instance ‘your name’ is written in language of device’s location.

Hmm - I don’t quite understand. Are you talking about the text box where you enter the name you want to use for your node? That should be any string you can enter with your android keyboard.

Over the string is text “Your Name”. I talked about this text.

oh thanks! that string must not be marked for localization (or it is missing in your language). Which language are you using?

hmm - I took a look and the code seems okay. I suspect the string is missing for your language.

The language of the phone is different than the location of it.
The app has almost every text in English except:
‘Anonymous usage statistics and crash reports’ - last tab
‘Your Name’ - last tab
‘Channel Name’ - 3rd tab
‘Channel Options’ - 3rd tab
‘Send Text’ = 1st tab
The texts above are in language of Meshtastic lociation.

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Right. Thanks. Which language are you using? :wink: (that makes it possible to see which language has missing donated translations)

Yes, my language is missing. I’ll send you translation via private message but language of my phone is not the same as the language of the location. :wink:
The question is why the app chooses the language of the device’s location for mentioned texts despite the fact that the rest of app is in English.

The app only uses the standard android localization API. It asks the OS to pick the preferred language from the list of translations we have starting from the user’s “most preferred” language (in system settings) and working down through that list.

yes - if your language doesn’t have a translation included in the github, we will use english. If you could contribute a translation that would be awesome, you can just do it as a post in that thread.