Device name will not save

In the Android app I have not been up able to get the device name to save. The “Your Name” will reset to “Unknown (4 character device id)”. My devices are TTGO TBeams and they are running 1.2.46.

First post here so please let me know if more information is needed. Thank you!


It was fixed in 1.2.47.

Details here: #908.

I have flashed to 1.2.47 but also still have the issue of not being able to set the user name.

Android app 1.2.50 and t-beam v1 flashed 1.2.47

this is a bug in android app 1.2.50


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Same here, android 7.0 and android 10

Change name seem work below android 7 but not in android 10

I’m having the same problem.

what is your android app version?

Same for me - 1.2.50 running on Android 12

upgrade to version 1.2.51

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I just checked to try and upgrade mine from 1.2.50 to 1.2.51 to fix the naming issue and the amazon app store only has 1.2.50 available for download.

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1.2.50 on Android 10

Currently running 1.2.50 on Android 10.

Edit: I actually am unable to get anything to save in the app, including the name. It is not letting me save the input for seconds to sleep or show gps either.

Is there another way to edit this stuff?

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Android 10
I mention before, all above android 7 seem not edit name / save

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Android 5 here. Name doesn’t change and can’t send messages. v 1.2.50

for anyone on version 1.2.50 of the Android app having issues with the on-screen keyboard ENTER/SEND key not working: this is a known bug that has been fixed in version 1.2.51, you can upgrade here: Releases · meshtastic/Meshtastic-Android · GitHub