You must set a region!: Error Screen (Android 9 LG L322DL TracPhone)


I am trying to set up the suggested TTGO boards with a lowcost LG TracPhone (no sim card). Ideally I would like to not need a sim card if at all possible. When trying to connect to the boards, I receive the following error message on the gear icon screen:

You must set a region!

• None (disable)
You haven’t yet paired a Meshtastic compatible radio with this phone. Please pair a device and set your username.

This open-source application is in development, if you find problems please post on our forum…

I looked through the github but didn’t find anything that helped me fix my problem. I am still unfamiliar with the boards and have had trouble finding documentation to debug, so I am posting here with the hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @jaquielajoie welcome to the meshtastic community I hope your stay here is a pleasant one :slight_smile:

What frequency does your ttgo board use? is it 433, 915, 868?
The region is the frequency you are allowed to use in the country you are in.

Maybe the app should ask the country where it is located and also the region, in case the person doesn’t know which is the free frequency :thinking:.

Here is a guide to the app

And here is the list of allowed frequencies by country

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Hi! Thanks for the reply:)

I’m in the USA, I Believe I purchased the 915 boards, but the chip on the front says
868/915 Mhz
Modle: Lora32

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Then you must select region US 915 :slight_smile:

It is a board that works with both frequencies, remember to turn on the radios always with the antennas connected.


Okay - I’m guessing the selection happens on the device (made easier by the oled)

For some reason after soldering the oled on the screen is unresponsive (I double checked that solder isn’t touching extra pins and that the correct pins are being used).

Should I re-flash the chips?

I have 3 lights appearing: one blue light underneath the oled, one red light underneath the oled, and then a red flashing light near the reset button. I haven’t found an online description as to what these indicate. Do any of these indicate some other type of error?

Before it was like this, the firmware defined the region, now with the app or the python client it is defined

Did you use a compatible display?

Regarding the lights I have no idea, but maybe you can post the information sent by the device through the serial output :thinking:

You can also send a picture of the ttgo board :thinking:

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No need to reflash. Just install and run the android app (or python app - though that’s a command line app and perhaps less friendly). Connect to device with the app and it will prompt you to set the region (on the upper right of the settings tab on the app).

I will be adding a dedicated toggle for this in the desktop meshtastic-pygui so you can set the region by simply choosing a checkbox