Steps to change region/freq

I’ve ordered some T-Beams in 923mhz as that’s what’s legal in my country. But if I need to change to 915mhz to work with that common freq in future, do I just change the region in Meshtastic or do I need to flash another firmware from LilyGo first?

LilyGo’s Github only shows firmware releases for 868/915 despite them selling boards on 433 and 923 as well. Are these not needed at all if using Meshtastic firmware? Am a bit confused as a noob.


You can do it from the android app or from the python cli with meshtastic --set region 1

Safe to assume the 915/923 boards are identical/interchangeable then?

Lots of countries and laws, but I have had no problem.

Correct along with 865mhz. Only difference is the antennas included.