WiFi Connect Issue - Reason 2 and Reason 201

I’ve had my Heltec V3 node running on WiFi for a couple of months now. After some home WiFi issues and router reboot, I noticed that the V3 had fallen off the LAN.

I had been running the Alpha 2.3.13 firmware. I tried bumping up to 2.3.15 with no change in behavior. Back to what is now Beta 2.3.13. My router shows that an IP has been given to the node.

The serial monitor is showing the following two errors with regularity. The second is most common, but the first appears once in a while too:

Reason: 2 - AUTH_EXPIRE
Reason: 201 - NO_AP_FOUND

Given that it’s apparently trying to function and presumably talked to the router long enough to get an IP, I’m thinking this isn’t a hardware failure. At least, that’s not my first guess.

The node appears to be running properly as far as Meshtastic goes, as I can see it from my second node.

Any guesses what is causing this?

How can I get the node to go back to Bluetooth so I can poke around the settings?


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You could probably connect to the node over Serial/USB?

EIther a OTG cable to mobile device. to the App.

Or use the web-client - on modern browsers that should be able to connect over USB. (sounds like must have the device connected to computer to view serial console.

Thanks Barry. For some reason I couldn’t get it to show current settings using the ‘serial’ connection. However, today it has connected to the LAN and is letting me see settings… (!)

I’m thinking it was doing something last night that was intensive. My guess, only a guess, is that it might have needed to generate a new encryption key? I don’t know how long that takes, or how often that needs to happen, but it was apparently having issues for the period I was attempting to get it to talk to me.

I don’t like unexplained stuff like this, because I’m no closer to understanding the problem!


As a data point, I’ve also had a Heltec that was previously very happy start falling off the LAN after switching to those firmware versions.

Interesting. It went for quite some time until it had issues. I wonder how long between generating keys…

You need to be on a 2.4 GHz network and these devices like to be close to the AP

Might be related: Heltec v3 MQTT on Wifi issues - #5 by Dox