Very Long Range Slow - No comms

I am new Meshtastic and I recently upgraded to V2.0.6.97 Beta, I did a wipe and install on two Tbeams. Set my country up, everything else default and everything works great they see each other and pass messages. I changed both to Very Long Range Slow, saved it rebooted and poof, the two no longer communicate. What am I missing?

I know Radio/Antennas/Electronics/Linux, but Meshtastic, not so much I am hear to learn.

Replying so that others may learn from my mistakes and errors.

I have the 1276 radio in my T-Beam apparently you need a 1262 with the more stable TXCO to go Very Long Range Slow.

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Welcome to 2.0! This firmware is much more reliable than the 1.2 builds.

The default channel is pretty perfect for most users. I have some 1262 radios and have tested the smaller bandwidth channels a bit; while there may be a meaningful increase in link budget, airtime is increased so much that any mesh with more than 2-3 nodes in range of each other would quickly eat up the channel.

I want to play more with the discrete event simulator sometime. I think with the new rebroadcast delays it may be more reliable than when I had tested back on 1.2.