TTGO V1 and Heltec Lora

I have been playing with Meshtastic on a pair of Heltec units and so far it’s been really cool. Been testing the range in urban area and even from a hilltop and was able to establish a 1 mile link which was pretty exciting.

So to keep the fun going I bought a TTGO Tbeam V1.0 from bangood and flashed it with Meshtastic. But I’m noticing that the TTGO doesn’t seem to like to mesh with the Heltec units unless they’re both pretty much powered on at the same exact time. IE can’t turn on heltec and then 90 seconds later turn on TTGO. Not sure if anyone else has had fussy LORA meshing like this or if there’s a fix.

Hmm. Turning on the devices at the same time shouldn’t matter. Whenever a device boots it tries to join the mesh for the current channel. Can you describe more about what you see when “it doesn’t like the mesh”?

So yeah if I turn on the TTGO and then wait a minute and turn on the other radio they never connect to each other. However if I start them up at roughly the same time they will mesh together and stay connected. But I’ve let them sit for a few hours now and they just don’t talk to each other because they weren’t turned on at the same time. I haven’t seen this with the heltec units talking to each other they seem to not care they take about 90 seconds on average to actually pair but they will pair every time.

LOL OK, I give up. I tried it with the other Heltec radio that came in the pair and now they all play nicely.

Nope, short lived, rebooted on of the radios and the TTGO started being a punk again. I think it’s time to hurl it into the sun, lol.

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