New firmware release - 2.1.0 - More Range and a smaller packet

A new Firmware release is out for testing. This includes a fix for receiving on the 1262. There have been a ton of radio updates in the last several releases and you should find more range and less channel utilization! Battery has been improved across all devices as well.


Good job! Is it 100% compatible with older firmware versions?

There are a bunch of radio bug fixes, and configuration has changed a lot since 2.0.0 so upgrading is recommended but they will communicate still. The apps have all the new config so if you are running an older firmware version you could save a setting from the app that the device does not know about.

I am finding the radio fixes across the last 5 or 6 versions or so to be really impressive, especially in urban areas. If you have a route you have had trouble with before give it a try again. The fixes apply across all radios.


I’m asking since we found incompatibilities between 2.0.19 and 2.0.21 and newer.

Nice! Thanks for continuing to push this project further. It’s come a long way since I first started dabbling with these devices.

20 was revoked because of issues with the tlora, I have not seen reproducible meshing issues with any other versions.

We did. Most (not all) packets got lost when our network had a mix of 2.0.21 and 2.0.19 or earlier. It took a while to guess there was some sort of incompatibility between them.

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There are a lot of variables, duty cycle, frequency, region . Need a little more than a guess to say there are compatibility issues.

You’re right, let me rephrase that:
we run a local network of about 20 fixed and 4 mobile nodes, traffic is mostly node info, position, etc. and region is EU_868. It was working fine, but as soon as some nodes upgraded to 2.0.21, they often (not always) disappeared from the mesh.
All other things being equal, we guessed there must have been some sort of incompatibility between 2.0.19 and 2.0.21. The proof is in the pudding, as when all nodes upgraded to 2.0.21, the issue went away. Apparently, this has been observed elsewhere as well.

That’s fine, hiccups are expected, but I’m not sure the devs encountered this issue, hence I’m asking.

Initially no incompatibility was observed when testing several different hardware, then there was this issue (the one Garth was referring to as well) where virtually all changes were reverted, without effect.

Since it was still working partially, a cause might be that the updated devices were being too polite and therefore often didn’t have the chance to transmit, because devices with firmware <2.0.21 were essentially violating the rules (listen-before-talk was not working correctly).

The release notes now include a recommendation to update all your devices.


Thanks for the clarification!

Howdy Garth, you mentioned in a previous post when somebody was asking about creating a second channel or a public channel that something was in the works that would be better, can I ask what that is? I’m eager for a public channel to broadcast to the general public and to link everything together on but then a private channel for members of a private group?

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Still being worked on, kind of fragile still. The idea is to allow a secondary channel (public chat) to be shared without including your primary channel.

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Awesome. Please keep us updated here if you remember :smile:

In the latest 2.1.6 version, being tested in the alpha channel on discord Discord