USB connection for TTGO and RAK Modules

I have an OTG USB C to micro USB cable that works great with the Helltec module which has the CP2102 chip.

It doesn’t work with the TTGO or RAK modules.
Does anyone know how to install the drivers for these modules on an Android phone?


A normal sync cable from C to Micro works on mine, no extra drivers. I have the TBeam 1.1

Cool. What FW version and what Phone App version are you running? I have a TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6.1 running 1.2.64 FW with Android phone app 1.2.67.This has the CH9102 USB Chip that does not connect. I wonder if your T-Beam has the CP210x Chip.

So I contacted RAK and they said the USB is integrated into the nRF52840 MCU and there is no separate chip.
Any idea if it would be easy to modify the FW to connect via a USB OTG cable?

You can find specific information on the nordic forum, maybe the answer is there.

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