USB OTG Connection

I am trying to set up my t-beam device to connect to the meshtastic app via USB instead of Bluetooth as mentioned here: Alpha tester thread (1.1.8 device code ready for alpha testing) πŸ™‚ - #12 by geeksville
Meshtastic via USB OTG - #7 by geeksville

However I am not able see any options for connecting to the device like this. Not sure if there is an option or documentation I am missing but any insight would be appreciated.

Meshtastic Android version: 1.2.59
Meshtastic device version: 1.2.57


there is usb support in the android app but sometimes usb serial drivers have to be added manually, so YMMV to work out-of-the-box

Got it. Thank you. I am pretty new to working with Androids. Do you have any suggestions on what I should look for in next steps or suggested resources to get a driver for the CH9102 chipset?

I think you need to install Termux or something similar to get a terminal and then probably add the Linux version of these drivers.

Not sure if it’ll work. Maybe root access will be needed.

Try termux first and the regular installation procedure for the Linux drivers. It might even work out of the box (Linux can be surprising with the amount of devices it supports out of the box).

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Did you get the USB connection to work with the T-Beam and if so what did you end up doing to get the CH9102 chipset drivers installed.