Unequal performance of two identical radios. What have ai done wrong?

I have been trying to understand why two newly purchased LILYGO Meshtastic LORA32 T-Beam V1.1 units behave is differently, I have one linked to my MacBook Pro, and the other linked to my iPad. If I send a message from my Mac to my iPad, the transmission goes through relatively rapidly., and I get an acknowledgement. However, sending from my iPad to my Mac (even though the two radios are only a meter or so apart) is problematical. In one recent test I sent out a message from the iPad and its radio, and it took more than 55 minutes for it to finally show up on the radio attached to my Mac and on the Mac screen.

It is too late to start another test tonight. Should I try switching antennas? What else can I do to test the source of this recurrent problem?

One little unrelated question: I have turned on "Number satellites in “Position Config,” but I can’t see a report on the number of satellites being used, Where should I look.for the number of satellites?


Switched the two radio units for each other. There was. some problem getting my iPad to lock onto a different radio. I removed and reinstalled Meshtastic several times, and finally all the old information must have been gone because it treated the “new” radio as one it had never seen before, I had to copy code numbers from the radio screen to the iPad screen. As of now, everything seems to be working well.


When a radio is giving me issues, I generally have good luck exporting the config to YAML, editing the YAML file to only contain the necessary channel/owner information, resetting the radio to defaults, installing the latest Alpha firmware, set the region, and then configure the radio using the YAML file you edited.