Critical Fault #11

Hi all, I have a very new radio that has been running fine until just recently. Every time I send a message my radio prints out the error: “Critical error 11!” and reaches the max number of attempts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mostly just want to know if this radio is fried and I should just throw it in the trash?

The firmware code contains this comment regarding critical error 11 (aka meshtastic_CriticalErrorCode_RADIO_SPI_BUG):

A (likely software but possibly hardware) failure was detected while trying to send packets.
If this occurs on your board, please post in the forum so that we can ask you to collect some information to allow fixing this bug

Thank you for responding to my post, but I read that as well in the documentation and that’s why you are reading my post.


I see… To help investigation by someone with deeper insight in the firmware, could you please provide additional information:

  • Manufacturer and model of your Meshtastic device plus hardware version if available
  • Firmware version installed
  • OS and version of your smartphone/desktop computer used to connect to the Meshtastic device
  • Version of your Meshtastic app if applicable
  • Type of connection to your Meshtastic device (Bluetooth, WiFi or Ethernet)
  1. LILLYGO TTGO T-Beam V1.1

  2. 2.1.23 (been seeing this fault on previous versions as well. My other radios are working fine on these same versions)

  3. iPhone 13 Pro 16.6

  4. iOS 2.2.0

  5. Bluetooth via Meshtastic App

Thank you for collecting this!

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Critical fault codes can be found here: Critical Error Codes | Meshtastic

Have you tried wiping and reinstalling?

FYI: just got a Critical Error #11 on my Lilygo T-Echo as well and saw the notes on Critical Error Codes | Meshtastic. so …

Current Firmware: 2.2.17
Iphone 13 Pro Max ios17.3
Bluetooth via meshtastatic app