Unable to bluetooth Android to T-Beam

I have two Lilygo T-Beam units, both of which have in the past (about two years ago) communicated with each other over two separate Android phones. I’m now trying to use them with the Meshtastic Android app, but only one unit will connect when the PIN is entered (I’ve tried 1234 and 0000 plus various permutations). My attempts are quite independent of each other i.e., I only have one unit switched on at a time. On the suspect unit I simply get the message "Couldn’t connect (or words to the effect). Is there some way to reset the T-Beams PIN to the factory setting?

123456 is the default pin

Have a similar problem with my T-Deck. Android recognizes Bluetooth and pin but Metastatic App does does not.

Your symptoms point to you having perhaps an incompatibility with your Meshtastic board and the version of the Android app.

Meshtastic has gone through a lot of development in the last two years and some of the changes were breaking changes e.g.. Would be worth trying a flash and erase all (because the old config will probably confuse the heck out of the new application) on the iffy unit, and see if the Android MT app will recognise it.

You may then have the problem that the old version of meshtastic on the unfashed board won’t talk to the new flashed one so you’ll have to do the same on the other unit to get them to interwork.
May be useful to post the versions of the app and the firmware you’re running (usually visible on the OLED screen)

I upgraded the iPhone and all the problems went away. Works great now