HELP! basic functions aren't working

I can’t seem to find a no nonsense guide on how to get a meshed network up and running. I see plenty of videos and resources on how to connect a single t beam to your phone app and set it up but can’t seem to find a single one that includes connecting a second t beam to start an actual network. I now have several t beams that connect just fine to my phone but won’t seem to connect to one another. I’ve copied and pasted the channel url and added it to each one but they are still not connecting as a cohesive network. Does anyone have a link to a walkthrough video that goes a step further than connecting a single device? I am using the android version of the app. This entire experience has been extremely frustrating as these t beams often refuse to respond to the app even though they are connected. I am rapidly approaching the point of returning all of these faulty and unfinished products.

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Cmon man, that walkthrough was the first, second, and third thing I tried. The channel info transfers fine but they never actually link.

And then you went and did a bunch of extra config instead of following the docs.

Factory reset them, set your region and they will talk, then go make a QR code and share it with all of your nodes.

Haven’t made any extra changes. I’ve tried resetting them all multiple times and restarting as you said.

I should add that one t-beam in particular refuses to reset for some reason.

My two t-beams initially had the same problem (back on 1.x firmware)

Now I reflashed them with the latest version, set the region and mode and they do talk to each other on the default channels. Haven’t played with custom channels yet but at least I know that the devices are not faulty (as I initially thought back then).

I have been hesitant to blame the equipment but the fact that I haven’t been able to get them communicating, the one refuses to factory reset, and one refuses to pull proper gps data so at this point I’m not sure what to think or do. I suppose I’ll factory restart the two that will let me and start over for the 5th time when I get home. I have two wisblock starter kits on a slowboat right now so maybe I’ll have better luck once they arrive.

How are you flashing them? Would you mind briefly (or in detail, your choice) describing your process? We’ve had thousands of devices flash firmware without issues, but sometimes there might be an unknown issue that pops up.

So I flashed both of my first two t beams via the webclienet provided in the instructions, for the rest of the walkthrough I used the android app. As far as I can tell I followed the directions to t. After creating a new channel i copied the url and disconnected from that node. After reconnecting to another noad I then dropped that url in. The channel loads successfully and the correct name and settings appear. However the only node that ever registers as connected to the channel is the one I currently have linked to my phone. I have factory reset and started from scratch several times. I even tried using my old iphone 12 to setup the second node separatly. Each time all the proper channel info transfered but I was never able to successfully transmit anything. I have avoided changing any additional setting as this seems to be the general advice. I will say I have had several issues with the devices themselves. One of the initial two I ordered caught fire as soon as I inserted a battery. I can confirm I did so correctly as I had just done so successfully on the first one. The second t beam has never been able to aquire a gps signal. The third one won’t accept the factory reset command. Despite this I am still holding out hope I’m making a simple mistake somehow.

Welp gentlemen I have no idea what I did different but they are officially working.

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I had nothing but issues with tbeams, i finally gave up on them, for me they were prone to problems, I moved on to other radios from garth & amazon. i feel your pain!

Also, something I repeatedly seemed to forget, until i didn’t, is that these guys are all volunteers :wink: The best place for help is the discord website for meshtastic. Anyway, they do a pretty good job of forgiving us when we get out of hand with frustration.

Who are volunteers? I thought this was an open forum where anyone can comment?