Beginner network question

I can’t seem to find a no nonsense guide on how to get a meshed network up and running. I see plenty of videos and resources on how to connect a single t beam to your phone app and set it up but can’t seem to find a single one that includes connecting a second t beam to start an actual network. I now have several t beams that connect just fine to my phone but won’t seem to connect to one another. I’ve copied and pasted the channel url and added it to each one but they are still not connecting as a cohesive network. Does anyone have a link to a walkthrough video that goes a step further than connecting a single device? I am using the android version of the app.

I had a similar problem back on v1 but last weekend I flashed the latest beta onto two T-Beams and connected to one via USB/WebClient and sending to the other one seemed to work (according to the check marks in the client).

So other than powering both on, there was nothing to do (I used all defaults, so no URLs for my setup yet)

Have you checked that the urls read the same on every device after you configured them?

I didn’t read the full urls but the correct channel name and transmit speed/range setting were correct after I entered the copied url so I assumed all was well. This is my very first time interacting with these systems. Another thing I noticed is my first batch of of lillygo t beams had one that displayed a compass style screen and one that did not. The compass screened beam actually ended up bursting into flames when the battery became wedged while being replaced.