TTGO Lora32 v2.1-1.6 No Screen - Bluetooth Pairing


I have a TTGO Lora32 v2.1-1.6 and the screen is broken. The device still seems to be ok, however, I’m not sure how I can pair this device without the screen. I am aware of how to do this with the T-BEAM devices, but the only buttons I have on this device are Reset and Power. Any way the code can be set via the CLI?


You can connect a pushbutton between ground and pin 12. This will work as the menu button.

Alternatively, if you connect the device to a computer, you can use a serial client (like Putty) to connect to the device and monitor the output. When you attempt to connect to it via bluetooth, you should see something similar to the following with the passkey displayed:

Yes, this! :+1:t2::raised_hands:t2:

Does this just scroll across the console?

Thank You

Yup, and some sections scroll quite quickly, so it can be useful to wait for a minute or so until the node has finished booting and setting up before trying to connect the Bluetooth.

This worked quite well once I figured out the correct baud rate. :joy: 926100 was a new one for me.

Thanks again!

If you can solder in a normally open push button switch to two of the pins on the board as linked below, that will give you a program button and then you can do the bluetooth reset by pressing the new button 2 times real fast, a couple lights should flash together, then you press the button again 3 times real fast, and the board resets - you will likely be able to pair via bluetooth again - I assume by whatever method you know from doing it with a t-beam with out a screen.