T-beam board did not come with screen - how to find bluetooth pair code

My T-beam board did not come with a screen, is there a way i can find the bluetooth pair code before the screen arrives?

connect to board via serial monitor. BT pairing code is logged there.

Slightly old post but wanted to add my 2 cents for any other newbies. Use something like putty to access the com port. use the com# the flasher app identified or you spied in device manager. Use this baud rate 921600 connect and reset the device. Watch the boot. Near the end you’ll see the 6 digit pairing code.


I have added step 10 to the readme along these lines too. I’m sure we will have a few end to end guides pop up soon!


Howdy, had a quick question re: your readme. I just got the TTGO T22_V1.1 20191212 & wanted to pair without having to install the screen to get the pair code. The radio isn’t showing up under the serial port so I installed the drivers for the CP210X serial chip as instructed in the readme. Still no love. Radio is getting USB power but still no data connection (confirmed in PuTTY). Any ideas?

hmm - does the radio show up in the list of USB devices on the windows device manager? Possibly try a different cable - many times that’s the problem.

No, it is not showing up under Device Manager as a USB device. Already op checked the cable & USB port so that is not the problem.

Did you install the drivers with the device already plugged in? A possible reboot may also be needed.

Another thing to check, while in the device manager, does anything appear or disapear in Unknown device when plugging or unplugging the device?

Yeah, I had already rebooted. Tried another driver that I found in the forum and it seems to be working now. thanks.