Trouble shooting / advice | Middle button | Bar across screen?

tbeam0.7 1.0-US/1.1.4
I bought 3 new units from the recomended link.
They all talk to each other just fine.
the bar across the screen goes from left to right nonstop.
the middle button does nothing
the brightness goes from dim to bright with the bar
had the same symptoms as the version 1.0 the units came with, updated from the app.

I watched a video that said the middle button changed screens and if I held the middle button the bar would come up and change the brightness. I can’t see any other screens and the brightness keeps changing.

I think thats the wrong firmware flashed that causes that. Double check the writing to the right of the Antenna against the .bin file you flashed as well as the frequency.

That bar is the brightness bar, you can dim the display by holding the middle button. But I have had cases where even myself have flashed the wrong bin file and that has happened.


It is a little confusing since there multiple versions of the compiled firmware for the various models of tbeams.
for example from the file you appear to be using (
has two similar files that for US tbeams:

I can not tell from your posted picture which circuit board you have… see from the
TTGO T-Beam (usually the recommended choice)


You have the V1.1 T-Beam (3 buttons, AXP192), the V0.7 firmware is almost certainly the cause of your issue. Flashing the other T-Beam firmware should have you fixed up!


I think you guys are right. just need to get the correct software on it.
this is the unit I bought:

LILYGO® TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam V1.1 ESP32 433/868/915/923Mhz WiFi Bluetooth ESP32 GPS NEO-6M SMA 18650 Battery Holder With OLED

Thanks again. I’m just trying to figure out how to get my computer / windows 10 to recognize the boards.
Com port stuff, I’m working through the directions for that now.

An easy way to see if the boards are being recognized would be to use the esphome-flasher tool and check for a new COM port there after you plug in the T-Beam. Point it at the proper firmware and you should be in business.

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I got a new cable and and the unit showed up on the esphome-flasher. Good firm ware now, thanks!