T-Beam Display(SSD1306) Source

All right guys,
I need your help, I ordered now from 3 different suppliers at aliepxress and all the displays arrived with the wrong pin alignment. I got my money back for all of them, but I really would like to have a display. Has anybody recently bought some and can send me a link?

Just use a short wire and cross the two pins.

If you still want to buy another one use the one from the lilygo store on aliexpress.

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I read something somewhere, one time, You can change the pin layout by soldering something different on the board itself. I will do some digging and see if I cannot find it again.

You are right, but i think this was an option on a special board only, so i did not mention it. But i might be wrong … let’s see if you find the reference.:wink:

Ahh, here ist is. R3 and R4 have to be swapped, if that’s your display type.

I think that was the post I was thinking of. I havent had a look at any of my displays to see if it was possible.

Here is the one that I purchased. It was not the least expensive, but it worked great.

OLED display

nice, one of the display is compatible with method described. Thx, guys