Recommended Device - T-Beam has no screen? How to get one?

I am not a hardware-savvy person. I went with the T-Beam since it was the first choice on the list. I noticed somewhere that it’s not possible to just hold the screen in place, and that some soldering would be required. Are both parts true?

I’m not super stressed about not having a screen since it looks like there’s a way to get the PIN info from the USB readout, but it would be neat to have.

So assuming I can find a tech friend who can solder it, what’s the recommended link to buy a screen? I’m from the US btw.

Also if anyone knows a good place to get the 18650 battery too I’d like to know

edit: I just saw Building a pair of units. Battery suggestions? so I think i’ll just search around online and pick whatever generic I find

Welcome to the forum @leer10! Yes you really need to solder the screen in place or at a pinch, solder header sockets on the TBeam for the screen to connect to. You are right though, you can find the bluetooth pairing code within the debug output but it is easier with a screen.

The most common is a 0.96" OLED using an SSD1306 driver I/C. Ideally you need to find one that the pins are labeled VDD -1, GND - 2, SCK - 3, SDA - 4. This way they line up perfectly with the TBeam pins without further soldering!

I went with a slightly larger 1.3" white OLED with the correct pinout. Here is an example.

I’m unsure on 18650’s in the US (I’m not there) but unprotected cells fit best in the TBeam. Any 18650 that mentions protection is a little bit longer and a bit of a squeeze.

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Many thanks @dafeman!

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display LCD (just a few extra tags to help with the search)

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I want to order a few TTGO
T-Beam V1.0 w/ NEO-M8N

As suggested in the Github readme. That board has no OLED display included. I would like to get
one that would be compatible with the current software. Preferably on the larger size.


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You might check out this thread from a few days ago:

some good info there. hope that helps!

Perfect. Clearly I should have searched using screen instead of display.

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Here is an example of the 1.3" option. It is nice to have a little extra screen.


Did you use the same firmware? I can get my 0.96" OLED screen to work, but both my 1.3" OLED screens look like:

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And this:

I’m curious about these larger screens - can you provide a link to where you purchased them?

I picked up a few here a while ago, but they don’t appear to work properly currently. 1.3 - 4Pin White

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ooh! the q&a on their site says this screen uses a sh1106 controller (instead of the ssd1306 controller used on the standard screens). @mrvdb recently added support for that display, but only for his custom board. In theory it would be possible to dynamically probe for the device and use it, but no one has done that work yet.

I suspect that if you uncomment this line and rebuild using platformio, it will work:

// The SH1106 controller is almost, but not quite, the same as SSD1306
// Define this if you know you have that controller or your "SSD1306" misbehaves.
//#define USE_SH1106
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Good catch! I’ll try that out. Only recently installed platformio so I’m still stumbling/learning, but I’ll give it a shot.

good luck - tips here:

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That seemed to do the trick! Thank you!


Great you got it working! The ones I linked use the ssd1306 so they worked by default. It was surprisingly hard to find a larger screen with the right pin config and controller.

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I am also looking for something bigger then the 0.96" oled

Has anyone tried a compile using either of these display board ?
The 1.5" I2C oled using drivers SSD1309 or SSD1327 in the u8g2 library
I see the gnd and vcc pins are reversed,
links for the 128x64 or 128x128:

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@geeksville I’ve just arrived on the same boat! Turns out the screens I purchased at are SH1106 powered.

Recompiling and reflashing at the moment. Would be happy to test dynamic probing if anyone is looking for a tester. I have a TTGO with the original SD1306 and now this one with a SH1106

i‘was have the same problem, i’was recompile and flash for SH1106, i‘will be nice if the app, check the screen, before start automatic, and the user press a button if he can read a message, and it will save … and dont ask this again …