Bigger display?

My Oled display got black and I think it’s broken, but I have a bunch with RPI displayer. Anyone tryed to find out the right pinconfig to work with the T-beam? (My other T-beam works great) / Peter

So, what are those RPI-displays, most likely they are configured to use SPI-interface and the oled with TBeam-fw is using I2C- I have used some RPI displays with TBeam after I reconfigured them to use I2C. Could you be more specific?

We support 2 oled models and some eink displays with the current firmware, we do not have any support for LCD’s so most pi displays are probably a no go. There is a 1.3" oled from lilygo that is supported in version 1.3.

There are OLED Pi-Hats from Waveshare

Needs to be a ssd1306 or sh1106

You can find 2.42 inch 128x64 OLED displays, they can be configured for SPI or I2C. Usually they are delivered as SPI so there must be 2 or 3 (0-ohm) resistors added/removed to make it a I2C device. The controller is a SSD1309 I think which is very much compatible to a SSD1306 controller. The module I/O has 7 pins. some must be grounded and another (RST) need a 10k resistor and a 0.1uF cap to VCC.

Jep, the additional RST-pin took me a while to figure out as I2C normally works out of the box.