Lilygo T-beams V1.1 with Soldered OLEDs - Solved


Hi Kevin
Is there any possibility that Lilygo could supply T-beams with ready soldered OLEDs?

For me with failing eye-sight, I struggle with this aspect of the project.



Alas I bet the reason they don’t presolder them is that the oleds were added as a kinda optional afterthought. And they use ‘off the shelf’ through hole oled modules which can not be automatically soldered in a surface mount oven.

I think they know that approach is not ideal. I’ve been meaning to ask (but haven’t gotten around to it) how they are going on shipping their (really cool) nrf52s eink board (which doesn’t have this problem). I’ll send them a note now.


Thanks for your answer @geeksville. Have you or anybody else any suggestions to simplify connecting the screen, or failing that any tips for soldering with success?

not ideal, but I suspect if you hand the modules to any of those mall ‘we fix cellphone on site places’, I bet (if an independent owner) they would do it for <$20 (for novelty). With a good soldering iron and (optional magnifying glass) it is about 1 minute to do a couple of boards.

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@DingoOz Found this tip from DingoOz, thanks

Trick being with soldering is to remember that you need to heat up both parts and let the solder surface tension do the work of joining the parts.

That means for the T Beams, angling the soldering iron so that touches both the pin and the ‘ring’ on the PCB, let the soldering iron sit there and touch the solder to the pin (not the iron). This way when the pin can melt solder, the solder will melt and also fall onto the ‘ring’ which is also hot enough to melt the solder.

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