925MHz Frequency TTGo T-Beam (for Hong Kong)

I am trying out the TTGo T-Beam pre-installed with meshtastic firmware as follows:

This T-Beam is a Model labelled as 923MHz (as I live in Hong Kong and according to info on thethingsnetwork.org, the frequency plan for HK is AS923-925 (“AS2”)). I got this T-Beam online and the site explicitly labelled this board 923MHz as distinct from another board 915MHz on the same site.

However, the zip file from the Meshtastic firmware download page only contains bin files for CN, EU433, EU865, JP and US versions only, and therefore, I could not find the firmware version for 925MHz.

Using “meshtastic --info”, I gathered from my T-Beam the following information, region = “1.0-US” and firmware_version = “0.7.6”, I wonder what actual frequency my T-Beam is currently transmitting/receiving at (i.e. HK = 925MHz or US = 915MHz) ?

And when I upgrade the firmware version from 0.7.6 to 1.0.0, which version should I use? And whether the change in firmware will alter the frequency the board is transmitting/receiving at (preferably, the board should still operate be at 925MHz, but could be modified with firmware/software if required. And where in the python-API could I adjust the frequency of the board, if it is not “fixed” by the firmware)??


Hi, you are right. You need a firmware version for your specific region. JP was added recently, so I think somebody will also add frequency definitions for HK.

I edited your title, because the first hit on google tells you the frequency for HK is 925MHz. TTN states it’s a band between 920-925MHz.

Sorry, that you had to wait 3 days for an answer, this is quite unusual :smile:

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Open a feature request with as much detail as you can and someone will get to it:

Thanks @drewsed. Thanks @mc-hamster.

Thanks for the info :smile:. So glad this is such a helpful and responsive community :+1:.