Some technical questions

Hi everyone,

playing with the little radios, I have a few “advanced” (?) questions and I can’t find the answer in the documentation.

  1. using admin channel, is there a command to retrieve battery voltage? (unfortunately, --info is not supported)
  2. is it possible to use remote configuration by sending direct messages to a node? Compared with the python client, this would have the advantage of being able to be used from the Android client, for example.
  3. in the channel configuration, what does the “channelNum” setting correspond to? I have 3 channels configured, and this setting is “0” for all three (I’m not talking about the “index”).
  4. Is it possible to pair a node with a phone using BLE, or just classic Bluetooth?

thanks for your help, cheers,

1 yes check -help in the cli

2 No

3 it is unused, index is what matters

4 Classic Bluetooth is not supported, only BLE


  1. is probably “–device-metadata”, will check it
  2. well, not sure about this, as my liligos are paired using classic bluetooth. But I guess my phone is not BLE-ready, so I cannot pair it with the RAK …

no it is --request-telemetry

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  1. select “get position” at app node list
  2. remote admin with App (select configuration for other nodes)

I think all nodes support Bluetooth low energy …