Control and manage node way up a tree

It’s going to be out of reach of bluetooth. Someone said I could setup an additional node as a “mirror” or something? I’d like to be able to apply updates, send and receive from the node in the tree, but from my living room. Is that possible? Can you point me to a how-to for it?

admin channel.
but if its well configured, as router or repeater, you dont need to manage things :slight_smile:

you set additional admin channel on both (or all ) devices, then you can configure by admin channel.
its very easy ! GUI !

but no firmware update that way

you could also do usb over ethernet, usb dongle on each side with cat6 cable in the middle… leave it attached to the radio and protected from elements then just jack in with a laptop when your in the area to update the firmware… im planning on doing this with a chimney top antenna mount and cable to my raspberry pi mqtt server in my basement

ya know I was thinking about my chimney. The draw back there is that I use the chimney sometimes! Heat and smoke.

usually you set a solar powered rak device router with bigger antenna on the roof, no cables needed.
only firmware update OTA BLE every 3-12 Months.
this is your repeater/router, connecting (by repeating) your small-antenna mobile device to the world.
it shoud have great range, depending on antenna and position.
then you have your small mobile device with display on your desk and connected to android device by BLE or whatever you want…

you can still do admin stuff on the roof-device via BLE or admin channel. if you install the PCB BLE antenna well, you have quite some BLE range !!!
solar router ist best to choose Rak device, because need much less power, so smaller solar panel of 1-2 Watt can be enough. (that way this setup it is much smaller and cheaper !)

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unfortunately i only have t-beam devices which after testing with a solar panel slightly bigger than a 8.5x11 sheet of paper, cant keep up with the power draw… i also thought i needed a serial connection for my mqtt broker but wifi may reach… i’ll look into those rak devices… the base station G2s are sold out

this is what you need, small antennas are included.
even has basic solar charging if panel is no more than 5V.
does not have wifi !
has Bluetooth :slight_smile:

i didnt consider these b/c my soldering skills suck… i’ve sorta got mqtt figured out on a raspberry pi so id probably want wifi… there are ways to get mqtt to work over usb/serial but i havent had luck compiling them yet… one question i do have with the t-beams is how does wi-fi interact with lora since they are using the same antenna… i like how these rak devices separate that.

no soldering needed on wisblock,
not even for ethernet.
mqtt is also possible over mobile phone -BLE
not same antenna :slight_smile: wifi antenna is not lora antenna.
maybe same antenna for BLE and wifi :slight_smile:

definitely looking into it… might try it after my 1st pass at getting a tbeam mounted… the ipex to N-male cable i would need to connect to my antenna is out of stock (of course) and i suspect that if i do wifi, the 8.5x11in solar wont be able to keep up (it wasnt able to keep my tbeam charged to make it through the night, hence the usb power over ethernet)… still though… worth testing on my next go around… i just want to get something on my roof so i can start range testing… im also waiting for the station g2 to come back in stock… it has an amplified transmitter for even more range