Settings for driving around to find other nodes?

If I drive around town, what detailed settings should I use to find other nodes on the default channel?? I have a high quality ext. antenna on the vehicle…


Mike in Dewey, AZ

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If all you have set is the US region you are on the default channel.

Yes, any other settings to make it easier to find other nodes??

No, you need to be using the default settings to find other users with default settings.

when wardriving:
maybe reboot your device every 5 minutes somehow,
that way you get other nodes to answer your node faster…
or maybe it helps if you only set nodeinfo broadcast interval to 60 seconds…
other devices will only answer, when they get some signal (that they can answer to) from your device…
if other devices automatically only send information every 50minutes, you will miss them :slight_smile:
default channel is a must :slight_smile:

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Thats what I needed, thanks

one more:
you can also do this:
USE ONLY 1 DEVICE in our car.
then go on default channel/ or other channel but default channel modem setting.
send text messages, if you get a single checkmark some other node received and broadcasted it- even if on another channel.
from that position you can check if something else is on default channel… maybe reboot, to provoke noedinfo-answer…

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With firmware >2.1.0 you don’t need to reboot to trigger a NodeInfo packet. It will automatically send this and request a response upon hearing any packet from a new node.

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