Repeater Node & MQTT via WiFi?

Was wondering if it’s possible to setup a node as a repeater (not router or router client) and also mqtt connection to the default mqtt server that can be setup in the mobile app? Or do I need to setup a node in router mode to allow mqtt to speak to other meshes on the internet?

Idea is to setup a single device that will act as a headless repeater and also transmit any mqtt messages that are recieved via the internet.

From what I understand, if you use repeater or router, it shuts down wifi and BLE to conserve power. If you wanted to connect to wifi you’d have to use a client mode.

Thank you so much. I tried in Router_client mode and it works. Only thing is that the device occasionally loses connection to wifi and I have to press a button to start up again.

Im not 100% sure but check and see if they still have a setting where the device goes to sleep. I have mine on wifi in client mode and I’ve never had it drop wifi connection.

Sorry for the delay in response… You cound create a admin channel and this would let you reboot the node from any device in your mesh with the admin channel.