Repeater issues? Set to router

Question. I’m out in the woods with 4 nodes and a repeater.

In this instance the 4 of us with nodes (set to router-client) were near eachother, but the repeater (set to router) was just barely in range of us.

We had an issue where one person would send a message and that message would be recieved over and over and over all day. We ended up driving to the mountain and took down the repeater. Most of the time the repeated duplicate message would arrive like 10mins later, then again several mins later, and so on.

Do you know of a way to stop that?

I have my computer and can edit the settings, but i get real spotty cell service like maybe once a day

I believe there have been issues with the “Router” role. Most people have been using the “Router_Client” role as an alternative.

But I’m not sure if that is what’s causing this. I just came here to say that I think the four nodes should be in “Client” mode, and only the one on the mountain should be in “Router” or “Router_Client”.


Can “client” mode on its own still repeat any messages? I know rputers are at least the prefered tho

Client will repeat messages. Routers are just preferred if both are in range.

So basically if you have a device at ground level, say in your pocket or something, and you have another that’s on a really tall tower, you can set the tower device to “router” as a way of saying that that node is better at sending the messages really far. So if their is a choice between the two, it’ll use that one.

If you set all of your devices to router_client roles, then it’s no longer trying to give the big tall tower one preference, because it thinks that all of your devices are big tall towers, so it doesn’t matter which one rebroadcasts the message.

I hope I said that in a way that makes sense.

There was a mention somewhere in the docs, that currently only a single router is supported per network. Otherwise issues could occur.

The extra messages are likely from a android app bug and not the router / repeater roles which do not route any differently, just faster.