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Okay, I think I’ve got my Mesh node set up fairly well. I have 26 nodes showing up under the category of ‘nodes’ on my iPhone. 2 of those however are ones I’ve worked on. One is mine, the other is one I just flashed and programmed yesterday.

I have sent out messages to most of these (some are repeaters) paraphrasing, testing a new node (from my town), Hello? Yet, I’ve gotten no responses. So this is either people have nodes in my area and simply are ignoring them for whatever reason, or I don’t have one setting quite right. Anyone have any ideas? I do have MQTT enabled along with most of the settings I’ve seen. I can also see my node on the Mesh map included with the app. I can’t see it however on

My phone was showing 99 different nodes, which I knew couldn’t be correct. Someone told me to go to settings and clear the node DB and when I did all the randoms were gone

It took me a minute to figure out where that is in the app, but I did it and my phone is rebooting. Some of mine are 25 miles away in towns I’m familiar with, but I had about 3 repeaters more than 600 miles away. It’s back up and for the moment, it’s only my node.

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I did what you said and got the same results as you, maybe more; but my question remains that I’m not getting any responses to test transmissions.

I would say keep at it.

You never know if there is someone actually connected to the node, and even if they are, if paying attention on the app.

Also if you send a message to a node, and there is no device connected, the message may be lost. (ie wont be delivered when the user then connects a device)

I know in my local town, there is another user, and would occisiaonly see the other node (we werent in direct radio contact, only when mobile, or one was experimenting with a higher antenna). It took over 6 weeks before managed to get in contect (both using a device at the same time) - and even then I think messages were lost.

When you say you are sending out messages, are you DMing nodes or sending messages to the default LongFast channel?

If you are DMing, you should get a special "Person with a check mark " ack that shows that the intended target received it. If you see that, it’s working and people likely aren’t feeling chatty at the moment.

Both. Oddly enough, I was about to post in response to a previous response up above that out of all the nodes that I did message, one appeared to message me and ironically, it came from one that I now can’t find at least on my iPhone. It might be on my Android. but it said, aside from the ID that it was from Longfast.