RAK 14000 useless buttons?

Hi all
i’m running standard RAK configuration with the e-Paper display.
How do i use the attached 3-button device ? they dont seem to have any function ?


The middel button is used for scrolling pages, but i dont much like this type of buttons

thanks Mark !
did you change something in the settings to achieve the function ?
pushing the middle buttom changes nothing in my case ?

No, kindly try a factory erase and re-flash ?

I have had todo this myself on a previous occasion

Hi Mark
middle buttom has still no function…

  • did factory reset ( flashed ), and reflashed latest and greatest.
    Got the new baseboard with USB-C and the GPS module.

Would you mind sharing picture and logs ?

I dont have gps module at all

Just connected my board up button works

fw: Beta

DEBUG | ??:??:?? 47 [Button] Long press start!
DEBUG | ??:??:?? 48 [Button] Long press stop!

DEBUG | ??:??:?? 153 [Button] Enter state: ON
DEBUG | ??:??:?? 154 [Screen] Updating E-Paper... _PowerOn : 95703
_Update_Part : 731446
_PowerOff : 139648

RAK19007 WisBlock Base Board 2nd Gen and RAK14000 b/w only

You could check button flex cable connection and try without GPS.

NOTE: that the flex button keys need to be pressed quite hard in order to function, and they might get stuck in down position (hence why i dont like them at all)

I have also post in length on Discord already about using the RX, TX pins for user buttons already and even using e-INK on the I2C and RX/TX pins (but this requires fw variant.h modification and use without the RAK Serial GPS)

Other option could be the add a I2C CardKB and enable canned message input to be able to use ENTER and left right arrow keys on keyboard