Misery RAK 4631 and Firmware Beta

since this release, i’m suffering from different issues.

  • ePaper and GPS ( new one, not 1901 ) : antrace on display : used to work with previous FW version.
  • even only RAK 4631 allone on Baseboard : device hangs often and needs to be repowered.

Does anyone else suffer quality issues with RAK devices and latest firmware ?

I have also experienced random issues, for example when enabling MQTT. Just today I had to revert to an older firmware. I think I picked the oldest one from the website. It’s been running for about hours since then without issues.
I’m new to meshtastic so I’m only figuring out how to debug the device, read logs, etc. From the app and also from watching the LEDs it looked like it was restarting every ~20 seconds but that’s all I know.