Privacy Help Needed

Hello, I’m new to meshtastic and found out by another local chap he was able to Ping / Traceroute my location, how do I stop this? In Settings / Position I have just deactivated Smart Position or Smart location. GPS is not enabled.

Am I missing anything else?

Traceroute doesn’t reveal your location, it just shows the path the message took from sender to receiver, by node names.

Do you want to able to chat with other users in your area? Create your own channel and make it the default channel. You also do a couple of thing to the position settings. You disable the GPS mode or use a fixed position. In the fixed position can change the location to what ever you like.

The newest Firmware versions even allow you to control the precision of the location shared, on a per channel basis.
So can for example, set the primary or first channel (0) as low or medium precision, and your location will only be shared imprecisly. Its only that the first channel that location will be shared with by default. Or can disable location sharing on the default channel, to keep location private.

Can set a more channels, with higher resolution. Can even have them set to higher resolution. THen on devices that have those ‘private channels’ can ‘request position’ to specificlally get the higher res location - not available on the default channel.

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I just noticed that change on Sunday. What an awesome feature!