Newbie Questions

I’m sure these questions have been asked a bunch of times. I’ve watched a few youtube videos and searched a few websites to understand meshtastic but I’m not sure about it.

  1. Can you send messages from a PC?
  2. Can you change the name of each receiver?
  3. If I put up a repeater can anyone use it and see my position?

I was hoping to use it for work in a remote area where cell texts have trouble sending and also keep track of a work truck.

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  1. YES! via the web interface or serial or python api
  2. YES
  3. YES! if you so choose! but you can also have a private encrypted network that is closed.

This project is in early beta so some of these feature work well and at times some dont lol.


Okay, great, thanks for the quick reply. I understand the beta, it would be more of a fun tinkering project at my job site.

Knowing this i’ll probably pull the trigger and get a few to tinker with.

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Im also writiting a GUI ZebusJesus/Meshtastic-PyGUI: Python Based GUI that uses the Meshtastic API (


Cool, got it added on my github. Thanks!

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I feel this is a noob question so I’ll ask it here too… I’ve sent messages and they always just go to every radio in the channel but I see in the wiki that there is a way to send a message to a specific user. How do I do that?


From memory, so it might not be 100% accurate:

Find the destination ID.

meshtastic --info

will list all nodes in mesh along with their IDs, for example !1cd70ae27


meshtastic --dest '!1cd70ae27' --sendtext 'Hello this is a message for your eyes only'

should send the message to the recipient bearing that destination ID.


Can this be done through the app? I tried and didn’t seem to work for me. Lol

no - alas, not UI yet in the android app for this. But someday!

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Ill add it to the GUI