@geeksville, I’ve seen you mention several times that you’ll be working on Pinetab support.
Do you have a Pinetab in head? Does it have a LoRa board? Their website implies that it’s an optional extension but I can’t find it for sale.

On a related note, in their latest update, they have mentioned a new device, PineCome, with Lora and possibly creating a LoRa back cover for the PinePhone.


The PineCom looks promising

I hope for a rugged device that I can wear on my running bag to check my running mates if they are still ok in case are out of sight (then we would need something like status messages: all ok, please wait, I am injured,… but this have to be part of another topic…). To bad they will come with a similar device to PinePhone with the same OS and probably same SoC - not really intended for a low power device… But if @geeksville will port Meshtastic protocol to their OS, it t will help a loot to spread Mesthastic :slight_smile:

The pinetab folks were kind enough to send me a pinetab with lora. Alas, they sent it on a super slow boat and it arrived at my house after I left the US. I had a friend ship it to me here in Taiwan and it should arrive in about a week?

I’ll update my work queue and do a new post with where pinetab might happen in a few minutes. Part of the reason I did portduino is so I could port meshtastic to run on the pinetab (or any other linux computer).


Thanks Geeksville. I’ll hold out for a potential PineTab Pro and hopefully the LoRa board will be compatible

The guys from popcorn computer have a handheld unix device ante portas. They got a version with lora.

  • [U-BLOX CAM-M8Q] concurrent GNSS module
  • [Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-078] LoRa Module:
    • STMicro STM32L0 series ARM Cortex M0+ MCU
    • Semtech SX1276 ultra-long range wireless transceiver

Perhaps one more device for the portuino project?

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Btw I just received the Lora pinetab. I’ve got about 2-3 weeks of other tasks in my queue before it (see my other thread) but it looks pretty slick.


Is the module hidden behind the rear case of the tablet? Is it obviously accessible?

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I haven’t cracked the case yet (have only a schematic), but supposedly it is a M.2 format expansion card like used in laptops.