Anyone interest in handheld hardware device?

A company is interested to develop a small handheld Android network radio that support PMR 863 - 864 voice and 868 - 915 MHz LORA mesh. Because its android and support LORA it be possible to install the meshtastic APP on it to communicate with other LORA Tbeam boards. Be possible use the unit as PMR voice and meshtastic txt messaging over LORA. First minimum quantity to start the project is 200 units.


Price point?
But yes, this is something that I we are looking for very long time. We need a radio with location sharing within our trail running group, so we will know where the other buddies are (similar to garmin’s dog tracker or tread). Device needs to be rugged, with few physical buttons for predefined messages and battery needs to least 12 hours.

Interested. I’ll even fund the kickstarter.

I think it’ll be best if it’s a “survival” rugged phone.

433 mhz frequency might prove better for Lora because of penetration power.

Thank you, iam not the developer, just have contact with manufacturer who do the developing and i bring in the ideas or suggestions :). Price point depending on the quantity made in first batch may around 50 - 90 USD / EURO. Lets see if there is interest for first 200 units and the input coming from this group like yours about rugged and 12 hours battery.

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Phones with 10,000 mah battery, walkie talkies built in, rugged body, IP68 rating etc. already exist.

The real problem is, there are no software updates. And most of these phones use Mediatek SoCs which suck more often than not.

Chinese OEMs avoid Snapdragon citing cost reasons but Snapdragon SoCs have excellent GPS and radios.

I think everyone here will want to pay even 300 USD if it’s a quality phone since it should work flawlessly in case of emergencies.

when off grid, nothing working also 911 is off air. Of the grid meaning, all is down and this kind of small radios keep running. Thats the whole idea behind this project? What i wrote or write is still a idea for LORA 868/915 MHz handheld radio in nice portable case with color display, good antenna on it and supporting the meshtastic APP. If not like the idea for this type hardware devices, anyone is free not to support it and keep using the Tbeam or any other boards. I dont ask and do not want any money, only feedback :slight_smile:
About cost effective this is always nice argument to read about.
Lets put the pricing in perspective:
Tbeam is 22,00 amazon, Sirio 868 antenna = 40,00, hammond IP65 150x170 box farnell = 25,00, backup battery/powerbank = 25,00, secondary components like connectors, cable, solder and time to spend etc say be around 20,00 if use AIRCELL/ AIRCOM or other type coax cable is 2,50 + 2x connectors. This bring the total over 125,00 what a single users spending there money for all these separate components to get only 1 LORA node in the air :slight_smile:

I never implied you’re asking for money.
I like your idea, I’m just adding my suggestions.

Let’s say someone does end up getting near civilization and then wants to call 911, they should have a solid phone with global band support instead of crappy Mediatek SoCs.

Of course you can have a cheaper device like you suggested.

Of course we would want it but we remind everyone that these are dev devices because none of them have gone the FCC testing/certification meaning that Meshtastic cannot and doesnt sell radio products. There are several awesome projects using Meshtastic and we as a dev community collectively work on a designated SoC because it makes things easier that way but there is always room for improvements.


The company who develop a small handheld Android as LORA network radio using the meshtatic APP will be FCC or CEPT regulations. Its already developed but the minimum quantity is 200 pieces to get produced.

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Thanks for sharing this! Just a note that we generally discourage using this group a forum for product marketing but because of the novelty and appliciability of this product, I think this does align with our values.

Again, thanks for the contribution. Looking forward to what you come up with!


Prevent a misunderstanding, I am Ham radio and Retired. I not the seller only just a messenger mention a company have the intension to make this available.


I might be interested. But I don’t fully comprehend what you’re saying :sweat_smile:

Can you forward any data on the unit?

Thank you for sharing this!

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How would this differ from something like a Pinephone with a LoRa back case?

I am interested.
Am I understanding correctly that the device is already developed? What are the specs? I I think the under 100usd is a great price point.

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I have pinephone with and LORA board EDIT: Sorry, i found the python :slight_smile: My idea users who not technical, who like to use a ready to go PMR look a like LORA handheld unit running meshtastic on it.

Yes my group is interested, keep me on any mailing list/comments

I’m interested too. (Unless it’s too expensive).

So this would be like an android smart device with LoRa capability?