Pine64 LoraWan Device in Development

Hi @geeksville I just read about a blog post over at the pine64 community that mentions a new Linux based Lora device that’s in the works. Hopefully there’ll also be a way to connect these to a meshtastic network. It sounds interesting as they’re planning an indoor and outdoor version.


I read this update as well. I’m generally pretty excited about anything pine64 does. Look forward to more updates from them.

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TL and I talked about this and I gave them some feedback when they were making these plans. Meshtastic currently runs and works on the lora version of the pinetab - I’ve just been so busy with other things I haven’t had a chance to write up docs (and I’ve been letting it move to the back burner because I don’t think they are selling these yet).

The other devices they are coming out with that have lora sound pretty great also.