Raspberry Pi Zero and LoRa HAT

I’ve read in the forum that the SX1262 was supported. I have this board attached to a Pi Zero and not sure about how to get it working with meshtastic.

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I have something similar. I think @geeksville is working on portduino support which i think will allow you to use this hardware with meshtastic. I think its still a work in progress though.

I’ve contemplated attempting to use to make a fork of the meshtastic python with a python only implementation of meshtastic for playing around with raspberry pi’s and stuff. I don’t think I have enough bandwidth right now to make it happen though.

I think adding support for this device would be pretty painless a few weeks from now. Once the portduino stuff works with a similar radio for the pinetab (which I’ll be working on the first week of Oct).


Wow, awesome stuff. I look forward to it.

Was planning to use it with a Pi4 but a zero sounds like a much better idea.