Pin bluetooth meshtastic

Hi, I have error in meshtastic with my ttgo, I dont know that pin is. Please help. Thanks

Do you have a screen attached? The pass key should be displayed when you try and pair. If you don’t have a screen you will need to connect to it via a serial terminal (Putty works well) at 921600 baud and look for the message “onPassKeyNotify xxxxxx” when you attempt to pair to it.

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Perfect, thanks​:blush::blush:. I’ve paired but in meshtastic the device doesn’t appear​:sleepy:

Solved, I restarted smartphone, now it doesnt appear my position in meshtastic

I have only loaded the t-beam eu865 firmware from the 0.6.3 folder. I don’t know if I have to upload something else

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Further up in the terminal does it say something along the lines of “successfully connected to UBX GPS”?

The standard TBeam GPS antenna is pretty average so you may need to put the unit outside for awhile to get a fix. Once the red led starts flashing once per second you have a fix.

Based on your log, you just need to take it outside. The red led will flash once or gets a lock. From then on after the GPS has downloaded an almanac it will be much faster to get a GPS lock.

solved, I took it out well and took position. now I have another problem I have changed the mobile and it won’t let me connect it is a blackview, it tells me directly without asking for a pin or anything that the access code or pin is wrong, why could it be? Thanks

Ah… Just found this my problem also solved

care too explain what solved your problem?