Complete beginner trying to learn and get this to work

Hi! I recently purchased a TBeam (Specifically: LILYGO TTGO T-Beam ESP32 433/868/915/923Mhz V1.1 WiFi Wireless bluetooth Module GPS NEO-6M SMA LORA32 18650 Battery Holder With OLED - 868MHZ) and wanted to join the mesh.

I flashed the following firmware: firmware-tbeam0.7-EU865-1.1.50
I do not have an android phone, but have a tablet witht he Meshtastic app installed.
I was able to connect to the device witht he app, however, I am unable to get a GPS lock or join the mesh (from what i can see).

I am yet to go outside and see if i get a GPS lock, but from what i have read, if i have my tablet connected (which has GPS and is accurate) i should be able to get a location and see messages across the mesh network.

Not sure if i have the wrong firmware, busted Tbeam or some other issue, but I was hoping somone could help me to get it working or to point out my mistake and try to guide me to a solution. THanks!


Just to confirm, do you have two tbeams or only one? This project is mostly about building meshes as a group.

Yes, I have only one. My understanding was that there would be an existing mesh where I could be a participant as a node to expand the network. I think I may have misunderstood if this is the case. If I can only create a private mesh between two Tbeams then i will have to buy another one.

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If there are other Meshtastic users in range you could be ok with only one. Expected range is from a few hundred meters to 10 or 15 km. Even longer if line of sight. It all depends on radio conditions.
I think you have the wrong firmware on your board. The one with 0.7 in the name is for the old TBeam.
You have the new 1.1version and should use


When i am using the map, there are quite a few nodes in the area i live. I am in the middle of two larger cities and would like to ocnsider myself a point in between. I will reflash the tbeam and see what happens. Will report back accordingly.

I was able to flash firmware-tbeam-EU865-1.1.50.bin but i have to go outside to try the GPS. Not sure if Meshtastic takes the GPS form my tablet or not. Will try later tonight. THanks for everyones help so far!

if your device has GPSnon board, it will not use the Location from your tablet. You can change this via python cli. Search the docs for “hasGPS” or “has_GPS” or something like that.

I would put the device outside for about 20mins and see if it will get a signal